Tour De Fleece 2019 was a monumental success! Thank you to everyone who participated in making this a memorable experience full of fabulous fibers and inspiring spins! Here are some highlights from our team, Flock O’ Spinners. Head over to our Ravelry Group to see all the lovely yarns created by our team. Subscribe to our newsletters so you never miss a spinning event.

Before we jump into the lovely photos of handspun yarn, here is a little history for those of you who aren’t familiar with Tour de Fleece from the creators of the event themselves, InterWeave:

“The Tour de Fleece is an online spin-along for everyone who loves to spin yarn and play with fiber! It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself while connecting with other spinners and having fun too.

This July, the Tour de Fleece will enter into its fourteenth year of fiber madness. I started the first Tour in 2006 by spinning yarn along with the Tour de France. The concept was simple: they spin, we spin. I had noticed lots of knit-alongs happening online but never any spin-alongs. So I decided to host one on my blog. It was a crazy concept with seemingly limited appeal (people who spin their own yarn AND like cycling?). But it turns out you don’t have to get into cycling to get into this Tour.

A lot has transpired in fourteen years. In 2006 we started out with just 16 spinners, though we had a lot of fun. In 2007, we grew to 138 spinners and had even more fun. 2008 was HUGE, with over 400 spinners. Currently, we’re beyond 10,000 participants. It just keeps growing and evolving. What’s new this year is that there is a special team just for kids. There are even prizes to win!”

Team Flock O’ Spinners

Over 100 people from all over the world signed up to spin with our team, Team Flock O’ Spinners. From this team, over 200 photos were taken and submitted to our Raverly Group and Instagram. These photos highlight the determination and creativity represented by hand spinners and are sure to inspire you to get out your stash and start spinning! When the time came to select 3 winners to each win 1,000 Paradise Points, our staff was amazed by all of the talent showcased in the entries. Although all team members are winners in our book, here are the 3 winners we selected and all of the photos submitted by participants.

The Winners For Most Creative Spins:

Ravelry User: Thrifted. We love the variety of colors and how you plied them together, creating skeins of yarn that really POP! You have been chosen to win because you went above and beyond by accomplishing different plying techniques and incorporating Grist to achieve your desired weight of yarn. Bravo!
Ravelry User: Christine Morita. We love the neutral colors and shades of pink and blue that you chose! Your fabulous beaded skein of yarn also won our hearts. You were chosen because of your variety of combinations and for spinning over 9,865 tour yards of extra fine yarn. Bravo!
Ravelry User: SchoolmarmDE. We are enamored by your gorgeous rainbow thread plied skein of Cheviot yarn! You were chosen not only for creating unique skeins of yarn but because you cheered on every participant by offering words of encouragement. Thank you!

Thank you for making Tour de Fleece 2019 fabulous! Take a peek at all of the incredibly creative spins below.


Thank you for joining us for Tour De Fleece 2019! We hope you had fun, and we look forward to seeing you at our next spin along. We truly appreciate your support, we can’t wait until next year!! In the meantime, stay tuned to our emails to be informed about our next spinning event!