Oh the ways you can prep your fiber for many different outcomes!  Spinning a single is only the beginning.  Here are a few of our favorite methods for plying.  Each of these methods will produce a very different result and the fun will continue as you knit your project.  Working with our own solid colored merino wool top you can create anything you want! You could even pair this vibrant fiber with our Blending Boards to create endless color combinations.

Fractal Spinning

This style of spinning has to do with the way you split your roving so that when you ply it together you get a pretty striping effect when you knit it up.  Check out this article by Alexandra Tinsley to learn more about it.

Chain Plying

Chain plying is a super cool way to get a three-ply yarn while only working with one single.  This type of plying allows you to work with a multicolored roving and keep the colors together to get a striped look, instead of a barber pole look.  Click here to learn more about chain plying from Lee Juvan.  You can also check out Chain Plying on the Fly to learn how to do this with a drop spindle as you spin it.

Gradient Spinning

Gradient or ombre yarns are insanely popular!  You can spin your very own using any colors you would like.  Gradients typically work from one color and gradually change to another color as you spin them.  Here is a great tutorial on how to make your own by Benjamin Krudwig.

Monet Style Spinning

This type of spinning could be described as painting with fiber!  Colors are blended together and spun up to give you a painterly effect.  Check out this video by Grace Hopkins to see how she does it.

Get Spinning!

Working with our high quality combed 23 Micron 64 count Merino Wool Top is a dream.  The colors are beautifully saturated in over 50 vibrant hues making for endless possibilities.  These gorgeous Merino Wool Tops are next to skin soft and originate from South Africa and South America from non-mulesed flocks.  Grab a blending board and a few of your favorite colors to create something amazing!