Ever wonder how to make those crazy interweaving patterns of color projects with Noro Yarns?

When you look at a skein of Noro you see amazing colors –and an overwhelming fear of
working with them? Here is a solution- An issue of Noro Knitting all about Color!

The best thing about Noro is the color, hands down. Colors make all of the difference between a beautiful project and a stunning one. However if you are anything like me the colors of Noro are a little mystifying. My projects never provide me with a color effect as I planned. Furthermore, until now I always limited myself to two different ways to work with Noro; using drastically different colorways so when I had to change skeins it look like it was on purpose or one skein projects. In my mind there was no smart way to have multiple skein projects in the same colorway. Wrong!

Fear not fellow doubtful users of Noro! This month’s Noro is all about Color! Including a masterful way to outsmart the colors of Noro. These are just some of the questions Spring/Summer issue 4 cover. “If every colorway has the same repeat, why don’t all balls of the same color look exactly alike?” or “How do I combine two different colorways of a Noro yarn?” “What do I do when I hit a knot?” and finally “Do I really have to worry about all of this stuff?”

All these answers and more! This was well worth the read and has been added to my ever growing collection of reference material for the fiber arts world.

But I would have to say that my favorite thing in the whole magazine were the socks. They combined colorways, stitch patterns and the natural stripping of Noro to stun me into getting some of their Silk Garden Sock yarn…