Louet fest 2013 was a blast. I was able to sit down with Dave from Louet and compare four of their most popular wheels.

Louet s17 Spinning Wheel

Louet wanted to make a high quality entry level wheel at a reasonable price point and they came up with the S17. This is a bobbin lead single drive wheel. It comes unfinished and in single treadle only. There is a art yarn flyer and a fast flyer available for the wheel. If you are looking for your first wheel this is a great place to start.

Louet S10 Spinning Wheel

The S10 is very similar to the S17 but with more features. It is also a single drive bobbin lead wheel but is available in both single and double treadle. The S10 comes standard with a sliding hook flyer and a beautiful lacquer. Like the S17 a fast flyer and art yarn flyer are available. It is a great wheel for any spinner.

Louet Julia Spinning Wheel

The Julia is a beautiful double treadle scotch tension wheel. It is a scotch tension double treadle wheel. There is a lacquer finish and it is constructed of solid and laminated beech wood. The Julia doesn’t fold but does have a quick disconnect the will allow you to separate the upright from the treadles. There is a high speed kit that comes with three bobbins and has a ration of 1:27.

Louet Victoria Spinning Wheel

The Victoria is Louets very portable wheel and weighs only 6 pounds. There is a small locking knob on the back of the wheel that will allow you to fold the wheel in half. This is the only wheel on the market that can legally fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane. It is double treadle, single drive and is available in either beech or oak. Included with the wheel is a lazy kate and 2 additional bobbins.

Overall Louet has constructed these wheels with the customer in mind. Each Louet wheel has maintenance free bearings so you will never have to worry about oiling you wheel. Learn about these features and more in the video above. If you are a beginner looking for your first wheel or maybe your adding to your collection give us a call here at Paradise Fibers and we can help you select the right wheel for you.