We featured 9 dazzling fibers in our “Over the Rainbow” themed Fiber of the Month Club Box for the month of July. 8 of the fibers in the box were a hearty and hefty, new to paradise, line called Chunky Chromatic Carded Corriedale Sliver. In addition to these vibrant shades of wool, members also received a luxurious blend of 50% Rose Fiber, yes from actual roses, and 50% Cashmere!!! Dive into this exploding rainbow of a box with us and take a closer look at the fibers featured, the patterns we highlighted, and a video showing us blending all the fibers together on a blending board and spinning a cute little mini skein with the Ashford Electric Spinner!

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Members received 4 oz total of Chunky Chromatic Carded Corriedale Sliver. 1/2 oz. each of the following colors: Begonia, Marigold, Buttercup, Leaf, Cerulean, Fusion, Damson, and Amethyst. To go with these vibrant colors we included 2 oz. of a dreamy new blend we call Rosemere. This is a 50/50 blend of Rose Fiber and Cashmere Top. The box is complete with a Yellow Brick Lego Stitch marker, a fun-size pack of skittle to try dyeing with candy, and a limited edition Rainbewe Vinyl sheep sticker. 

Included in this box were several project ideas to show off the beautiful colors of the fibers in the box! You can find all of these products, patterns, and kits on our Over the Rainbow Collection on our website. Thanks to Rebecca of Chemknits Tutorials you can see how yarn and fiber dyed with skittles turns out! Click here to watch her fantastic, in-depth, tutorial.

Downloadable Patterns Featured in the Over the Rainbow Collection




The shorter staple length of the Corriedale sliver, combined with its larger micron count, and all-around loft, made it PERFECT for blending with a longer, silkier, fiber like the Rosemere blend. We blended all 8 colors of Corriedale with the Rosemere on our 90 TPI  Blending Board and spun the rainbow rolag on the Ashford E-Spinner so you can see the results. We were thrilled with the resulting texture and vibrancy of the yarn.



What would you create with these fibers?
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