There are so many fantastic knitted and crochet garments on movies and T.V. that I have to share with you! Here are a few of my favorite knitted/crochet items I found.

1. Everyone loves Harry Potter, but the knitted items on Harry Potter are just as fabulous as the movies themselves. The knitted sweater Neville is wearing in this scene is just amazing. The color-work in this sweater is absolutely magical. This sweater is actually a FREE Ravelry pattern! It’s Neville’s Sweater pattern by Joannie Newsome. This would look wonderful knit up in Ella Rae Classic Wool yarn.

2. Speaking of magic, this hat from t.v.’s Once Upon A Time is stunning! The lace pattern with the gentle drape of the slouchy hat is gorgeous. Mary Margaret’s Tam by Mary Craver is also a free Ravelry pattern. This hat would look beautiful knit up in Anzula Cloud or Anzula Nebula for that extra sparkle.

3. Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games movies is another strong female character with some pretty awesome knitwear. I have never seen a pattern quite like this but it’s so cool! This is the Huntress Cowl by Kinjal Mehta aka KYSAA on Etsy. This is a paid for pattern on Etsy that uses a bulky weight yarn. Lanaloft Burly Spun would be the perfect yarn for this project.

4. The Big Labowski is a classic comedy with the best tribal patterned sweater. The Dude rocks this cardigan with casual class (or lack thereof). This is The Dude pattern by Andrea Rangel which is another wonderful free pattern on Ravelry. The Ella Rae Chunky Superwash yarn would be great for this pattern with its large color selection.

5. This granny square blanket on The Big Bang Theory is fun and nostalgic. I think a lot of people have fond memories of a crocheted blanket. This is the Big Bang Theory Inspired Afghan by Christi Wasson as a free pattern on Ravelry. I would love this blanket in either Kollage Happiness yarn or Ella Rae Superwash yarn.

Luckily we can make these television beauties for ourselves. How exciting! Time to download some patterns and get some yarn to recreate my favorite yarny patterns while watching these movies/t.v. shows!