You know you want to… it is that dirty knitting secret that you joke about doing but have never found the perfect pattern for… KNITTED BOW TIES!

This Early Fall Vogue Knitting includes some of my favorite small pieces of men’s wear Bow Ties, Ties and Statement Socks! Theses charming socks were co-inspired by vogue photographer’s Rose Callahan whose new book is modeled from her blog The Dandy Portraits: The Lives of Exquisite Gentlemen Today. Now hold your horses lets clarify Dandy.

Dandy is something or someone of exceptional or first-rate quality, often uses as Fine and Dandy, and Rose uses it as a gentleman who has exceptional personal style.

Dandies are men like Oscar Wild, Edwards Hayes, with a well fitted suit or a classical or vintage look an element that makes you think Fred Astaire.

Dandy is in the elegance and underscored elements – The construction the fine lines – the fit – The care that goes into the presentation of self- so think about being dandy with a bow tie!

Think about being a little more dandy every day. The average guy doesn’t care and many think that the old adage that the Clothes make the man is dead; well the cloths might not make the man, but they do make a difference. You don’t have to be uncomfortable or outlandish, while some people are, to be dandy you just have to consider the elements of class that add a little more effort and grace to your attire.