Amazing Underwater Crochet…You read that right, underwater crochet, where the crocheter is underwater in full diving gear to yarn bomb the world’s only underwater museum the Museo subacuatico De Art. It is considered both a conservation area and public museum on of few that is known as a work-in-progress museum. The art here is most definitely in progress because seeing someone crochet underwater is yarn but aslo because the art installations were created to grow coral and create storm breaks for the weakened coral off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

Olek chose The Bomb to crochet her loud camouflage pattern in biodegradable yarn with eco-safe dyes. Jason DeCaires Taylor, the original sculptor of the pieces in the MUSA, compared the global oceans’ health to a ticking time bomb as ecosystems decline from overfishing and pollution. Olek chose to crochet the bomb sculptures as a symbol of solidarity and call for environmental protection. After the completion of the bomb installation Olek collaborated with the marine life-focused non-profit Pangeaseed on a photo series featuring divers donning crochet mermaid tails, camouflage bodysuits and butterfly wings of delicately crocheted doilies.


Other than thinking about washing our fiber arts most of us never consider the beauty of yarn underwater. But with mermaids and whale sharks Olek’s installation forces us to rethink for a moment, and maybe change how we see the world.

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