imageHello everyone!! Today I am interviewing Bobby, who might be one of the friendliest people I have ever met. Bobby has worked at Paradise Fibers for approximately 4 months and he uses the pseudonym Argus Lucem…. apparently it is his Giant name and at a height over 6 feet Bobby towers over most of us. Despite being as tall as a giant he isn’t grumpy or mean like one, actually his personality and smile are completely infectious and he is a hoot to work with.

Bobby has knit a headband that ended up looking like swiss cheese,  we think it may have been modern nouveau lace, or a mistake, either way it is fabulous and unfinished as you can see. He plans to either finish it as a headband or allow it to grow into a scarf.


On a daily basis Bobby used to pull fiber, which means weigh out the quantity ordered of a certain fiber, and helped to manage the fiber department. He knows a lot about fiber and has spun on a drop spindle, his mantra for spinning on a wheel is “pinch, pull, slide.” Currently he is doing more work in the creative department designing photos for advertisements and writing the fiber newsletter. By the way, he apologizes for misspelling ‘and’ into another word for derriere and wants to be clear it was a tragic mistake, he extends his many apologies again.

Lantern Moon Bags

His favorite product(s) that the shop sells are the Lantern Moon line of EVERYTHING, needles, bags, trinkets, ALL OF IT, he also loves the Dyed Bamboo Fiber, and Cashmere. So soft and fluffy he says he wants a bed out of it and may be currently in the process of making a nest somewhere in the shop lined with cashmere.

Bobby’s favorite pretend animal is an Eeevee, which is a creature from Pokemon, (looks like a cat/chihuahua/fox thing) that transforms into a more advanced version of itself with the help of a magic stone. His favorite real animal is a cat, he has 4 cats which are pure bread Hemingways (which means they have extra toes, called being polydactyl). The oldest cat is also the Mother who is named Prudence, her three kittens are all grown up and live with Bobby as well. The oldest is Oblio who is massive, the middle kitten Figaro looks like the cat from Pinocchio of the same name, and the youngest Fibonacci is striped. Bobby would create sweaters for his furbabies thusly, by knitting multiple ‘lace’ headbands then stitching them together using a striping sequence for the youngest.

I think that Bobby should start working on a few projects from this book personally.

Knit Your Own Cat

As far as beards are concerned he had a real beard once.. he shaved it off… he would actually prefer a crocheted unibrow. Not sure if I can find a pattern for that one, sorry folks. He may have to resort to a headband again..

Bobby has done a lot of work in Spokane with various salons doing photo shoots for NAHA, which are the North American Hairstyling Awards. He took photos of the different hairstyles that were submitted to the competition. He also designed and created 8 pieces for a sold out Bubble inspired fashion show in 2010 that took place at Sante. The garments were created by using a lot of those plastic ornament globes which come in two halves and can be filled and snapped together. All the proceeds of that fashion show, totaling approximately 600 dollars were donated to the Haiti relief fund. Bobby has also had his photography featured in Dark Beauty Magazine which is fabulous since he is 100% self taught. Bobby is a dabbler in all things creative he writes, plays piano guitar, sings. He also designed this most recent Paradise Fibers ad which you can see live and in color in a copy of the most recent Knitscene magazine.


His second favorite job was being a Manny, which is a male nanny and he adored raising and caring for two children from newborns. If left on a deserted island he would bring a Lantern Moon Bag “because you would need a bag for something”, a set of lantern moon rosewood double points because he has always wanted to unleash his inner TMNT and spear some fish, he would also bring his best friend Kyle so he wouldn’t be alone… and Kyle is pretty useful I hear.

You can find more of Bobby’s photographs on Instagram under the name luxvestra  or his Facebook page.

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