Wednesday, December 19, 2018
Lanolizing Natural Wool

Lanolizing Wool for a Natural Color-Work Project – January 2018 Fiber Club Tutorial

Wool is a WONDROUS fiber with incredible properties that make it a joy to experiment with in many projects! Wool is durable, takes dye well, resists soiling/odor,...

Mantis Farms Sustainable Orgainc Fiber

Nestled on a hill top allowing them to see them to see the whole valley of Chewelah, Mantis Farms brings to mind a different time in American,...

What’s happening on my farm- Shetland Shearing!

What's happening on my farm! I've been getting some questions about my flock at home so I thought I would share now that shearing is over. If you are...

Mom experiments with raising woad natural dye plants

I just tried natural dyeing for the first time last week. It was fast, easy and cheap. Why did I wait so long? I started my six woad...

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